For Books’ Sake

For Books’ Sake is a literary site dedicated to work by and for independent women. Conversational yet intelligent, FBS prides itself on providing a voice for the women that make the literary industry great.

the girls are

the girls are is a UK based independent online music magazine, celebrating and supporting women in music. Featuring opinions, analysis, reviews and interviews of women behind the scenes, emerging artists, and world renowned iconic musicians.


Founded in 2003, Vue is one of the largest cinema chains in the United Kingdom, showing some of the best films from around the world. Film News is one of the best places online for innovate and interesting film features, discussing everything from new releases to all-time classics.

The Culture Trip (UK)

The Culture Trip is a world wide culture website that hopes to offer a different perspective on people, places, and cultures that are often marginalised or misrepresented in traditional media. They want to inspire people to be cultural travellers, wherever they go, wherever they come from.


Mookychick is a weekly online magazine for alternative women. Covering a wide range of topics including literature, beauty and feminism, this webzine is an inclusive and diverse community celebrating everything it means to be a woman.

Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation is a group of people based all around the country talking about pop culture, gender and the internet. Humourous and varied, Bad Rep writers about everything from gaming to fashion.

Fiction Uncovered

Fiction Uncovered creates the opportunity for eight British fiction writers (novels, short stories, graphic novels) to be part of a major promotion supported by retailers, and a major publicity and marketing campaign.The eight titles for the Fiction Uncovered 2012 will be selected by a judging panel.

Raconteur Magazine

Raconteur is an international platform for high quality writing about arts and culture outside the corporate mainstream.

Guest Posts for Culture Vulture

Culture Vulture is dedicated to finding the best cultural experiences in Leeds, from music to politics, and everything in between.


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