Chilli, sand, bleach. And a spoon: It’s time to watch Utopia

mr rabbit

Utopia seems to be finally having its moment. First shown in the winter months of 2013, it was a harsh thump back to reality after the sentimentality of Christmas and the endless TV specials and Michael Bublé that comes with the holiday.

Now the second series is being aired on Channel 4 and, following a great big marketing campaign by the channel, it seems to have pulled in a number of new viewers, curious as to what the giant eye and bright yellow background are about.

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Periods, pills and personal experiences

Greetings, friends. It’s been a while since my last post, but this is something I’ve been meaning to write for a while. It’s a long-un, but bear with me if you can be bothered. Also, please remember that everything that follows is a personal account of my experience with the pill, and does not aim to give any medical advice. I am literally the opposite of a doctor – I have a degree in fiction so, y’know. I know nothing, Jon Snow.

I started taking the pill somewhat later than many of my friends at the age of eighteen. After a battle with (b)acne that began at the tender age of twelve, I’d sampled a smorgasbord of tablets, creams and gels and none had made the slightest indentation on my pock-marked skin, apart from leaving me with a vague but discernible musk of disinfectant.

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Game of Thrones S4: A look back

“Life is not a song, sweetling. Someday you might learn that, to your sorrow.”

TV’s winter is coming and tonight heralds the final episode of Game of Thrones season 4. This season in particular has been fantastic, with characters loved, hated and lost in only nine short hours, and I for one cannot wait to see how the season finale plays out.

I picked up the books after watching the first season, and with it gave myself a blessing and a curse; I haven’t had to wait months to find out where the story goes, but I’ve also known that happens before it plays out on-screen since season 2, which can take the edge off somewhat.

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Mid-range miracles: Soap & Glory review

BeFunky_photo (56).jpg

In the name of saving money and still looking beautiful (ahem…), I’ve been looking into low and mid-range products to replace my usual top-range preferences.

The journey so far has been a mixed-bag to say the very least. Foundations seem to be the most difficult to find as many aren’t light enough for my skin whilst the L’oreal one I’m currently using until I can get my grubby mitts on some MAC makes my skin pretty greasy. Continue reading

Currently In Love With: The Last of Us

One of the greatest advantages of having a gamer boyfriend is the fact that we get new releases pretty much as soon as they come out. This meant that, after what felt like a very, very long stretch of advertising, The Boyf purchased The Last of Us on Friday.

Through a combination of playing it myself and watching him play, I got to experience a pretty astounding game which should leave those without a PS3 itching to get their hands on the console. Continue reading

Review: Spring Breakers

WARNING: Spoilers for the film Spring Breakers may follow.

I wasn’t even planning on seeing this film. Trance, the new Danny Boyle flick, was the film I had every intention of seeing but we missed all the viewings and didn’t fancy staying till past 9 to wait for the next. So Spring Breakers it was.

I’m incredibly conflicted about this film. It’s gonna be a tough one to discuss with any kind of certainty but I’m willing to give it a go.

Visually, Spring Breakers is stunning. I can’t remember the last time I watched a film in a mainstream cinema chain and thought that, simply as a visual piece, this is art. The colours and manipulation of the location, bodies, clothing, weapons, teeth…there were no exceptions to this gorgeous piece of cinema, no part that looked bad. Continue reading